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On this page you will find what we think are the finest additions available for the Land Rover Defender 90 and Discovery.

If you have a need for a product and don't see it here, please call as we are constantly developing new products, and we would be more than happy to help you create a particular one-off part you just have to have.

All prices are for painted components. Powder coating is available, call for current pricing. There are no warranties expressed or implied and Rock Ware nor it's employees shall be held responsible for any damage incurred. All parts are covered for one-year materials and workmanship.


D-90 Ramp

Do you want to add some longer legs to your D-90? Well what if we told you that we can fit Ranchos longest 9000 series shocks, increase rear axle droop at least six inches over stock, retain the ride you're accustomed to and do it for around $500? (shocks and springs not included)

Shock Mounts

Spring Retainers and shock hoops

We have a rear shock mount available to you that will get every millimeter of travel out of a Rancho 9012 shock if used in conjunction with our spring retainers. The shock mount is a work of art built from .120 wall 1" tubing and mounts in the factory location, this set up also includes a lower mount adapter to allow use of the eyelet to eyelet shock. This system is complete and does not require brake line or bump stop modifications.

D-90 Shock Mounts $225 pair

Spring Retainers

Those spring retainers mentioned above mount from the top of the rear spring towers and project down in the spring this allows the spring to slide down out of its tower about six inches, and it is guided back into the proper position on compression.

D-90 Spring Retainers $75 pair

Rear Trailing Links

Now all we need to do is protect the rear trailing links from damage and tuck them up tight and out of the way, we also need to lessen the bushing bind at the frame connection point. Our rear trailing links do just that, 1 1/2" D.O.M. tubing with a bend in the center section.

D-90 Trailing Links $160 pair, with core exchange

Disco and Range Rover Suspension Kit

We now have our popular suspension system available for Discos and Range Rovers. This suspension system will add some serious trail performance to your grocery getter.

Disco/Ranger Rover Shock Mounts $195 pair

Disco/Ranger Rover Spring Retainers $75 pair

Disco/Ranger Rover Trailing Links $160 pair

D-90 Front Bumper

Custom D-90 front bumper
(Custom built winch bumper)

Finally a bumper available for the D-90 that is as rugged as the rest of the vehicle. No wimpy plates of steel welded together. Comes standard with a winch tray; light mounts, additional tow points and limb raiser tabs are avalible at your request. You must know which winch model you are using when ordering. This is simply the best unit of its kind, with more strength and better approach angles than the competition. The Bottom of our bumper is about the center of the factory unit.

D-90 Front Bumper with Winch Mount $750

D-90 front bumper with winch D-90 front bumper with 2
D-90 winch bumper D-90 front bumper with 2" receiver

D-90, Range Rover and Discovery Rock Sliders

Rock Ware Rock Sliders are built to take the rugged use of our customers. They will not flex or bend under the big hits and will offer you the kind of protection you have been looking for. They are made from rectangular boxed steel finished in black.

D-90 Rock Sliders $425

Disco and Range Rover Rock Sliders $525

Disco Rock Sliders D-90 Rock Sliders

Under Carriage Protection

Disco on ramp

Frame Sliders

D-90 frame sliders

One of our most sought after accessories, the Frame Slider, protects the delicate frame of your Rover. The Frame Slider is made of 3/16" steel and will handle all the abuse you can throw at it. It encapsulates the frame from front radius arm to rear trailing link bracket and more. The design allows the slider to extend past the rear trailing link bracket to provide a smooth transition at this pesky hang up point. All with a single bolt (existing) for attachment.

Just think ... no more having to beat your frame back into shape with a hammer, you will not damage your frame with these installed.

D-90 and Disco frame sliders $300

Skid Plate

D-90 Skid Plate

We also have a LARGE skid plate available that tucks almost up into the engine compartment and adds protection to the catalytic converters, made from 1/4" steel and braced. Comes with vent holes to keep floor temperatures down. D-90 skid plate shown.

D-90 and Disco catalytic converter skid plate $340

Pinion Guard

Pinion guard

Ever manage to almost clear an obstacle only to get your progress halted by the lowest point on your rig? We've all been there, why not install a Rock Ware Pinion Guard, and slide over those last few inches instead of getting hung up?

The pinion guard is made of 1/4" steel and is easily installed in about ten minutes, it provides a smooth surface from the u-joint flange to the rear of the third member. Protects the pinion u-joint from any direct blows, available for D-90, Disco, and Ranger Rover Classic.

Rear Pinion Guard $60

Front Pinion Guard with Tie Rod Guide $85

Disco Pinion Guard (Flex Joint) $70

Fuel Tank Skid Plate

Fuel tank skid plate

One of our latest additions to the product line is this beefy 1/4" aluminum fuel tank skid plate. This skid plate fits Discos and most Range Rovers. Easy to install to factory mount points.

Discovery and Range Rover Fuel Tank Skid Plate $325

Custom Built Aluminum Skid Plates

Disco Skid Plate

Disco cat and xfer skid plate

Custom Built Aluminum Skid Plates Call for pricing

Steering Linkage

We are also doing some strength modifications on the front of the Rovers, namely in the steering department. We can supply a much stronger drag link and tie rod by sleeving the o.e.m. part with 1 1/4" D.O.M. tubing. All tie rod and draglink services are for direct shipment without exchange.

D-90 or Disco Drag Link $85

D-90 or Disco Tie Rod $90

Disco Tie Rod with Stabilizer Mount $105

Offset Tie Rod

We also have a new tie rod set up available that has an offset bend to raise the tie rod as high as possible and still retain O.E.M. connection to knuckles.

D-90 or Disco Tie Rod $170

Disco Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit

New for Disco owners! Tired of bashing your steering stabilizer & tie-rod? With our steering stabilizer relocation kit you can tackle the rocks with the same steering set-up the D-90 guys have! (Note: Must use D-90 steering stabilizer, NIC.)

Disco Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit $105

Knuckle Seal Guards

Knuckle Seals

Also available for you guys running in the snow or mud are our Knuckle Seal guards. Made of 11ga. steel these simply bolt on over your factory seal retainers. They will help prevent leaks by acting as a wiper to keep the swivel ball seal from being damaged by impacted snow and mud.

Yellow zinc plated for corrosion resistance, Cheap Insurance!

D-90 and Disco Knuckle Seal Guard$68.00


Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Extended stainless steel DOT approved brake lines are avalible now avalible for the Range Rover, Discovery I and the Defender-90.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines $35.00/ea

Hi-Lift Jack Adapter

We can also outfit you with a high lift jack adapter that extends the lifting tongue on your jack by approx. six inches. Built of solid one-inch bar stock. This item attaches to the tongue of your Hi-Lift jack with a pin for ease of use and storage. We can also sleeve our bumpers with a receptacle that the adapter fits into and makes the use of a high lift much safer.

Sleeve Bumper $55 for two

Hi-Lift Jack Adpater $35

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