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Ramping the 'burban

This '64 suburban was purchased by Matt in 1992 as a project vehicle and work truck. At the time it was virtually bone stock except for upholstery, paint and wheels. It was equipped with a 300ci. V6 motor, 2-speed Powerglide transmission, 2-wheel drive 1/2 ton chassis, and low profile street tires.

The buildup was designed with daily driving and utility as the priority. Off-road ability and innovation was also important. A four coil suspension was designed for ride quality and uniqueness. The rest of the modifications were included to modernize the vehicle as well as for easy parts availability.

The SUB is equipped with a small block Chevy motor, bored and stroked to 383ci, Turbo 400 tranny, part time converted NP203 X-case. Axles are Dana 44 front, corporate 14 bolt rear, both equipped with 3/4 ton disc breaks and open diffs. The front suspension uses ford upper shock/spring perches and steering box, custom built steering linkage and panhard bar, Pathfinder (now Advanced Conversions) radius arms and shortened front CV drive shaft. The rear features an A-frame link and panhard bar. No lower locating links. The coil springs are designed to drop out of their lower perches for max articulation. The frame is original but heavily modified for the suspension modifications, added stiffness and strength. Custom front and rear bumpers as well as sill guards protect the body.

The rear fender wells have been enlarged to accommodate 35" tires but currently rides on 33" AT's. power steering, power breaks, Autometer gauges, CB radio, Pioneer stereo and Optima battery round out the package. The SUB was featured in 4X4 Power magazine, Apr. '98 issue, photographed the day after the conversion was completed. The fabrication of virtually all the components on this vehicle were performed by the owner, Matt Peterson, and was the seed that inspired the formation of Rock Ware.

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